As Lieutenant Governor, the best way I can support our schools is to bring light to their problems. Schools make up half of our budget here in the state of Oklahoma and you rarely see a politician step inside of a building. No business would ever spend half its money in any field without proper management and proper involvement from the people in charge.

I would like to promise you that I will work one day of each week in a local school wherever I am on state business. I will work the lunch line, sit in classrooms, hold my meetings at the school so not only I, but also people who need to do business with the Lieutenant Governor, can see what is going on in our schools. As Lieutenant Governor when I tell a news station I’ll be at a certain school they will show up and will be news at 6 bringing attention to the school.

The other thing we can do for the schools is make them better neighborhood schools by teaching parents the importance of volunteering and engaging in the process of education.  In my role as Lieutenant Governor, I promise not to be an enemy to the teachers. The most important people in my entire life were teachers and I am going to make sure they are supported.

Our politicians regularly say kids are the most important thing, but their actions have said otherwise. I am going to prove that children are the most important thing. 

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