Tourism is the third largest business in Oklahoma and it's barely paid attention to. Our government officials have sold off some of our state parks forgetting that our state parks are for the people of Oklahoma not just a profit center. What I would like to do when I’m Lt Gov is focus on tourism.


By focus I mean to help people understand the value of our three major arterial highways: I-35, I-44, and I-40.


Millions of people travel through Oklahoma on these highways and we have done nothing to capitalize on the fact that they are already here; a gift from the federal government. What we need to do is organize items like we have done on Route 66 but on these other highways; be they art projects, road rally’s, road races, or be they just weekend getaways where you can sit and relax. We are doing a terrible job capitalizing on the business opportunities given to us. I have traveled all across the state of Oklahoma for DAYTRIPOK.COM filming video series on every small town to big city.


What I have noticed is there is a lot of Oklahoma that people don’t know exist. Beautiful landscape, and challenging things to do; white water rafting, mountain climbing, cycling, horseback riding etc. We need to do a better job letting people know these exist. As a business person, I realize the actual opportunities that exist here. I have never been a government bureaucrat that just writes checks with other peoples’ money; so I know how to make money with tourism, not just bring people through. If you would like to see my tourism videos, I invite you to my site: WWW.DAYTRIPOK.COM

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