Cathy Cummings
Oklahoma Lt. Governor 2014


Like the varied geography of our great state, Oklahoma brings together extraordinary diversity of cultures, industries and people. Being a successful steward in such a vibrant and rich community requires a similar diversity and experience. Since I was 14 years old, I have worked in our grass-roots family businesses, including my two successful restaurants here in Oklahoma City. As a mother of five, I know the impact and value gained from the effective education of our children. As a small business owner and promoter, I have a keen understanding of the virtues and resourcefulness of the Oklahoma entrepreneurial spirit.

My name is Cathy Cummings, and I am running for Lieutenant Governor of Oklahoma. I want to employ my experience and diversity in the service of this great state and its citizenry. Join me in working toward a brighter future for Oklahoma! Vote for Cathy!

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Cathy's Video Stream


Cathy Cummings: Walking across Oklahoma!




Oklahoma Pride!




Living on minimum wage




Cathy Cummings investigates your children's nutrition at school!



Walking Across Oklahoma

Walking Across Oklahoma
Lt. Governor hopeful Cathy Cummings is walking across the state of Oklahoma. Come join her or walk with her.


Part of being a public servant is being there, down in the trenches with great people of our state. Too often, politicians insulate themselves from the public, some times never even gracing the counties and communities they purportedly serve. Cathy Cummings is taking a different approach. Instead of waiting for citizens to petition her, she is "Walking Oklahoma" to meet and understand the lives of every Oklahoman. Follow her on the Walking Across Oklahoma Facebook page.


Living Wage Experiment

Follow Cathy and her husband Sean as they live on minimum wage throughout the month of November.



The Living Wage Experiment means to highlight the difficulties and challenges so many Oklahomans face on a daily basis. You can follow them through these struggles on the Living Wage Experiment Facebook page.


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